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International Distribution for Phoenix PHX Series Dry Ice Blasters

International Distribution

Tomco Equipment Company - Phoenix Unlimited LLCAbout TOMCO2

TOMCO2 Equipment Company was formed in 1970 and through the past years has grown to become a worldwide leader in CO2 products and services. Their company is organized in well defined, closely cooperating departments. These are CO2 Equipment, Pathogen Management, Water Technologies, Fire Protection and Parts & Service. Their company has grown steadily by adding new products and services that meet changing consumer and industrial demands.

TOMCO2 is located in Loganville, Georgia. They do all product testing, quality control and new product introductions on site. They manufacture all of their products at this facility. This central organization of R&D and production allows for outstanding control over the introduction and improvement of CO2 equipment and service. They take basic raw materials and component parts for producing the highest quality CO2 equipment available worldwide.

Their Parts and Service department has the ability to provide full services including engineering, installation and preventative maintenance. Our customer service and field service staff have an average of 20 plus years experience servicing CO2 and N2 equipment.

Tomco2 Equipment Company (Tomco2) and Phoenix Unlimited LLC (Phoenix) have a distributor marketing agreement. As of January 2008, Tomco2  and Phoenix established an international distributor agreement for Phoenix’s Dry Ice Blasting Systems. Tomco2 markets the Phoenix blasting systems worldwide with the exception of the US and Canada which is handled by Phoenix’s established distributor network. The Phoenix blasting systems are the most versatile and reliable one-hose, all pneumatic pellet system on the market. They deliver powerful dry ice blasting capabilities in the most economical mobile unit available, using an environmentally safe cleaning method.

“We are pleased to reunite our working relationship with Phoenix Unlimited who has over 60 years of management experience in the dry ice blasting industry. The addition of the Phoenix PHX-150 and the PHX-200 blasters provides Tomco2 customers with a complete line of alternative products to meet their requirements”, stated Dan Templeton, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Tomco2. “Tomco2 is positioned to offer not only the dry ice cleaning system but the pelletizer and liquid carbon dioxide storage unit for on-site production.”
For More Information on Tomco2 visit their web site: http://www.tomcoequipment.com
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